The Ultimate Guide to Buying Cell Phone

Over the years, the ordinary phone has come a great way. Those days are gone when the cell phone was merely a means to call somebody. Now, the phone has become the hub of digital lives. It serves pretty well. Through this, we can surf the web, communicate with people, pay bills, play games etc. The mobile phone is one of the most prominent possession. Sometimes it is really difficult to pick the right one. Go through this guide to get the right one. This guide has been put together to find out the perfect phone.

Types of Cell Phones- Smartphone or Basic?

While purchasing a new phone, users would like to decide whether they need a smartphone or a basic one. While opting for a smartphone, you all should think out which “operating system” you want? Consider some other factors also like screen size, battery life, amount of storage, quality of the camera etc.

Feature phones are quite easier for wrapping your head around as they are easy to use.

Feature Phones- Simple is better at times.

Some people have mocked feature phone as a dumb phone. Featured phones are usually made for basic purposes such as texting and calling. People can do several other things too, but feature phone is the way to go if you just want to make calls with your phone.

Feature phones are smaller than the smartphones. They are more portable along with a physical keyboard. It will be a numeric one. Don’t mistake that feature phones won’t be having web browsing features. Presently, many of the smartphones have such features. Features phone have more durability than the smartphones. Don’t judge a book by its cover. This statement fits here well. Smartphones may look better, but feature phones are way more durable than smartphones. They are also less expensive and easily accessible.

Smartphones- Browse the web, Email, Use apps and much more

Many advantages are there of using smartphones over featured phones. Smartphones can do a lot more than any other phone. Smartphones can make calls and texts. They can run the apps, manage emails, browse the web etc. They will be great for looking at pictures and watching videos. Smartphones come up with a decent camera. They also have some backdrops. They are larger in size than featured phones. They will need extra space in your pocket. They are obviously expensive. But yes, they are worth it.

Operating Systems of Smartphone- Android or iOS?

Just consider which operating system do you wish to use? The operating system of the smartphone has the same role to play as the operating system on a computer. It Is that software you interact with regularly. If it is iPhone, the “operating system” is iOS while on Android, it is Android.

Android- It is ideal for those who are loyal to Google

Android is one of the most famous smartphones operating systems in the world. Google licensed out Android to some other companies too. This is the reason that everyone like HTC, Huawei, Samsung etc. all are the fan of Android. Android is an operating system with many features.

iOS Apple Users Around the world, Apple’s iOS isn’t used by so many people as the US People. Many reasons are there to go for an iPhone. It is super easy to use, incredibly stylish and is really nice with other devices of Apple.

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